Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gauche Liberale ,Left Liberal Synthesis ,meet and exchange ideas

Alain and John meet in Paris
"Cafe Zimmer" was the warm place ,to host the first meeting between left liberals from Greece and France
Inevidably time was not enough to grasp all the issues arisen
-The current situation of new libeal (Not Neoliberal) movements in both countries,which resemble a lot on the high degree of Goverment and State control
-The traces of liberal movements back in the 19th century and the role of Bastiat
-The condradicting relations with mainsrteam left in both countries
-Other left liberal movements in Europe and USA
-The left liberalism ,understood as the effective left answer to contemporary problems
-Pure and left liberalism,status and prospects
Next meeting hopefully in Athens,whereas Alain could lecture in Liberal Alliance office in Athens
Alain Au revoir

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